Motivation: What Drives Your Behavior

Many people wonder why people act the way they do, why they display certain behaviors, and what motivates them to do so. Most behaviors are fueled by motivation. Some motives to act are biological, while others have personal and social roots. We are motivated to seek food, water, and sex; however, the behavior is also influenced by others’ approval, acceptance, the need to achieve, and to avoid risks.

As you can see, there are many types of motivation and different reasons as to why these motivations influence specific behaviors. Here are a few motivations that drive certain behaviors throughout your life that you may not have thought of before.


Desiring approval from others is a huge motivation for people. Humans naturally want to be desired, wanted, and linked. To feel accepted by others, people change their outward behaviors depending on the people they are surrounded by. If upbeat, positive people surround you, you are more likely to be optimistic and positive. If more pessimistic people surround you, you will be more negative and pessimistic. People you are trying to impress and be accepted by will try to display similar characteristics to those people.


Curiosity is a prevalent motivation for certain behaviors. The hunger for knowledge is inevitable for many people, and with this desire to know more, various behaviors are unveiled. The feeling of wonder is intriguing to people; thus, people search for new experiences and engage in conversations that they have not had before.

Curiosity is a component of developing a mindful attitude and connecting with the present moment. Curious people usually know a lot about themselves, others, why things happen the way they happen. Curiosity has people paying attention to the small details and making links between several seemingly unrelated items.


The drive for independence is thought to be motivated by the desire for self-reliance. When someone has the drive to be independent and self-reliant, they can do things by themselves, without the approval from someone else. Many people are looking for independence in their lives, and the motivation to be self-reliant is only growing. The more people do not what to be told what to do or controlled by someone else, the more that motivation to be “free” grows.

Many people now are buying or renting houses and apartments alone; they are striving to move up in the ranks at work and go out to parties or gatherings alone. We see many more circumstances where young people are moving away from reliance and becoming more independent.


Order is based on the desire for organization, routine, and cleanliness. There are very few people that you will talk to that do not want order and routine in their lives. Humans naturally want law and order in their everyday lives and routines allow most people to function properly and have their day run smoothly. When these routines are interrupted, we try our hardest to get the routine back on track to restore order.

There are reasons as to why people live in a clean environment. Not only to prevent sickness and deter pests but because people are more positive and productive when they are in a clean environment. When people are in dirty areas, they are turned off from doing anything, have little motivation, and can result in periods of depression believe it or not. There is great motivation to ensure that things run smoothly for your family and everyday life. There is no question why order, routine, and cleanliness are motivations that trigger certain behaviors.

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