Tapping Into Your Intuition – Checklist

Intuition-Boosting Exercises

Boost your intuition with these fun and interesting exercises:

  • People-watching
  • Analyze your dreams.
  • Notice your dream signs.
  • Three cards strategy – Yes, No, Maybe
  • Traffic light technique – Red, Yellow, Green
  • Take a walk.
  • Take an intuitive drive.
  • Spend more time in nature.
  • Skip the daily routine.
  • Read about intuition.
  • Review your past.

Daily Activities That Enhance Your Intuition

Use these tips to practice using your intuition each and every day:

  • Make use of repetitive tasks.
  • Use solitude and quiet when they are available.
  • Find the best time of day to reach out to your intuition.
  • Differentiate between your intuition and your ego.
  • Use your intuition regularly.
  • Be aware of your intuition all of the time.
  • Have a creative hobby.
  • Test your intuition.
  • Take care of your basic needs.

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