Sue Corbin

Founder and Owner of EnVisioned Futures and Say Yes For Success

Sue Corbin has been a professional psychic, numerologist and an empowerment coach for over 25 years.  Her psychic clients praise her gifts and abilities, and her coaching clients gain the dual benefits of a psychic and a life coach. Her expertise as a personal development speaker along with decades of experience have made her a unique success facilitator and an excellent empowerment coach.

As an accomplished speaker and global trainer for over 4 decades, Sue Corbin has worked with thousands of clients, students and networking teams, given hundreds of presentations and spoken to audiences numbering in the thousands.

She has created many training programs and taught on many topics such as personal and leadership development, success achievement, health and wellness, painting and jewelry design work and spiritual enlightenment which she is converting into online training programs. 

Sue also earned numerous awards, plagues, and trophies for her success in business, but she always states that the accolades she received were based on the efforts and accomplishments of the many individuals whom she worked with and trained. 

She is well respected by her students and clients because of her knowledge, expertise and approachable style but also because she truly cares about people and she “walks the talk”.

Read her new book called Purpose-On-Purpose, 30 Days to Discover and Implement Your Life’s Purpose, which you will find on Amazon. Purpose-On-Purpose will help you to find your life’s purpose, the meaningful activity which offers you a way to live a fulfilling life.