About Sue Corbin

Who I Am!

As a Success Coach, Intuitive Channel, Psychic, Numerologist, Author, Speaker and Online Trainer, I offer many services to women who choose to access the different areas of my expertise.

In the distant past, I was a National Sales Trainer, a National Sales Manager and the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for several global corporations in the network marketing industry.

After ten or more years, I decided that the corporate way of life no longer inspired me, so I walked away and became an entrepreneur earning a six figure income by guiding, coaching and training people to become successful in business.

I Serve Humanity…by Working with Women

As a success coach, I teach women how to unlock their full potential, to break through limiting beliefs, and achieve their goals through my group coaching and online training programs.

Since every woman has the right to live a happy and fulfilling life, I am committed to help them to achieve it.

What My Clients Receive

  • Guidance, motivation, and support for women to discover and live their best life.
  • Inspiration, belief, and confidence in themselves so they can stop thinking that they aren’t good enough, smart enough, thin enough or whatever lie they were told as children and as adults.
  • Individual consultations, group coaching and training on how to set and achieve their goals in life.
  • Empowerment to become the success that they were meant to be.
  • As an accomplished speaker and global trainer in personal and career development, I have worked with thousands of clients, students and networking teams, and given over 800 presentations to individuals numbering from several hundred to thousands of participants in an audience.
  • Although I have enjoyed tremendous personal success in business, my real pleasure comes from watching my clients and students attain success in their own rights. By applying what they have learned, along with their talents, efforts and commitment they are living a more meaningful and joyful life. It excites me to watch my clients walk through the door of opportunity and succeed.

Client Comments

  • “Awesome, inspiring, caring, and generous.”
  • “Sue is well known for giving of herself.”
  • “She Walks the Talk and Talks the Walk”
  • “Her gifts are truly a gift to those who are blessed to be in her sphere of influence.  You are fortunate!”
  • Sue is well respected by her students and clients because of her knowledge, expertise and approachable style and because she truly cares about women, especially the women whom she works with on a daily basis.
  • Many more comments of gratitude can be found in the Testimonials Section.