Definitions and Descriptions

Intuitive: An intuitive has an extra sensitive ability to sense things about themselves, other people, or their environment.  They use their intuition or “gut” feelings coming from within them to help them figure out problems in their lives.

Everyone is born with intuitive abilities but depending on how an individual is raised, this ability is forgotten until they reawaken it within themselves.

Psychic: A psychic is an individual who has the aptitude to know what people are thinking or what will happen in the future. They use this ability to access supernatural messages from the Universal Energy Force or by reading an individual’s energetic field known as the aura.

Besides their natural gifts, a psychic, may choose to use divination tools like Astrology, Numerology, Human Design, Runes, Crystal Balls, Spirit Boards, or Tarot or Oracle Cards to assist them in their consultations.

A psychic’s goal is to help guide you through issues in life such as relationships, career opportunities, family issues or future events, etc.

Medium: A medium can directly communicate with the angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, and ancestors in the afterlife. This special ability isn’t often performed by a psychic. A medium serves as a channel between the world of the living and spirits in other dimensions.

Psychic Mediums: They have the natural gifts inherent in both the psychic and the medium.

Sacred Geometry and Numerology

Sacred Geometry is a science developed by ancient sages, wizards, philosophers, mathematicians and alchemists who understood how mathematics played an important part in all aspects of life.

Numerology is an off-shoot of Sacred Geometry and was believed to be practiced by the wisest of men in the early Egyptian, Sumerian, Indus, Chaldean, and Chinese Civilizations to gain insight into the greater principle of existence including forecasting future events.

The study of Numerology remained in the hands of these philosophers and mathematicians until the last hundred years when this information became available to the general populace.

In Numerology, there are key core elements that explain an individual’s

1) Life Path which is their mission or purpose in life

2) Gifts, abilities motivations, and personality attributes

3) Ways to maximize their strengths and deal with their limitations and challenges.  Numerologists use this information to assist individuals to navigate through life in the most successful way possible.