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How long have you been saying the same thing, I’m going to definitely quit tomorrow but somehow, tomorrow never comes. It is easy to say you want to change, yet it can be difficult to do it.

One of the main causes that may have held you back or sabotaged your efforts, is your brain.  Even though you may want to end the cycle of toxic abuse, your body doesn’t want you to stop, and your brain fights against change.

How many traditional programs have you enrolled in and experienced failure?  We understand that it is difficult, but we know that individuals who are committed to being healed, will appreciate the comprehensive program we have developed.

Our Neuro Rejuvenation and Brain Optimization System and our Functional Life Skills Program are what we feel is needed to help you restore, restructure, rebalance and rejuvenate your physical, cognitive and emotional health.





We have chosen to integrate a Neuro Rejuvenation and Brain Optimization Program with Neuro Sensory Feedback Technology and Functional Life Skills Therapy into a comprehensive healing system for individuals dealing with loss of control of their lives either physically, cognitively, and/or emotionally.

Neuro Rejuvenation and Brain Optimization Program

Medical Evaluation and discussion on TeleHealth or at the facility.

Neurological AssessmentqEEG Brain Mapping Assessment 

The qEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalogram) is a non-invasive diagnostic tool that measures electrical activity in the form of brain wave patterns to detect dysfunctional areas of the brain that are underactive or impaired.

NAD+ Infusion IV Therapy: A proprietary blended infusion of NAD+ with strategic nutrients that are beneficial in restructuring, rebalancing and rejuvenating brain cells, and other cells in the body, making it a significant healing component of our program. 

3 to 5 Day Program: Consultations and NAD+ Infusion therapy

Follow Up Sessions: Discussion with Medical Staff, qEEG Mind Map (if needed), NAD+ Infusion (if needed), and Functional Life Skills Therapy

Functional Life Skills Therapy

To improve you will need to have the data first,
and here's how we can help

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This therapy has been effective for a variety of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral issues including SUD, AUD and behavioral disorders such as anxiety, gambling, marital problems, eating disorders, and depression.

Research studies suggest that Cognitive Behavior Therapy can lead to significant improvement in performance and quality of life.

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapy entails individualized evaluation to determine the client’s personal goals and plan of care and helps our clients participate in the things they want and need to do through the therapeutic use of everyday activities.

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Neuro Sensory
Feedback Technology

This therapy provides information from the sensory receptors to be returned along the afferent pathways so the brain can monitor the consequence of actions.

Innovative Wellness

To learn more about our restore, restructure, rebalance and rejuvenate system go to our website.  

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