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Live Online Courses: This training option offers an online live coaching and training opportunity. They offer personalized attention, immediate feedback, networking opportunities, technology based learning, and support.

Each course includes modules that incorporate videos, guides, eBooks, workbooks, reports, mind maps, and cheat sheets. You will also have the added benefit of interactive Q&A sessions with Sue Corbin and special bonus options. You will have lifetime opportunity to access these programs.

Live Online Courses

Gift of Imagination, Power of Intuition and the Mystery of Psychic Abilities

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Imagination refers to the ability to form mental images, ideas, or concepts that are not present in the physical world. It involves creative thinking, visualization, and the ability to see possibilities beyond what is currently known or experienced.

Intuition refers to the ability to understand something without conscious reasoning. It involves a kind of “knowing” that is difficult to explain, but that feels instinctive or “right” in some way.

Psychic abilities refer to a range of phenomena that are associated with spirituality and believed to be gifts from a higher power. They may arise within an individual naturally or they can also be developed through spiritual practices.