Numerology…Your Roadmap to Success

Numerology is the modern metaphysical study adapted from the ancient principles found in Sacred Geometry a study that was developed thousands of years ago by philosophers, physicists, and mathematicians of the time.

It remained in the hands of these wise sages until the early 1900’s when it was adapted for the lay person.

Numerology gives you a different perspective and a deeper understanding of the purpose for your life. It holds the key to your mission, or your life path and it also explains your gifts and talents, your motivations and passions and your strengths and limitations.

Similar to Astrology, it can reveal to you, your spiritual life plan but as compared to Astrology, it is much easier to learn and simpler to understand. Numerology also includes the ability to look into events in the future through insights offered to you in your Universal and Personal Year.

The Five Core Numbers

Numerology offers a blueprint of your life that encompasses two major components: your date of birth, and your full name at birth.

The information from these two components makes up the five core numbers that offers important information about the different aspects or areas of your life. They are your: Life Path Number, Birthday Number, Expression Number, Motivation, Passion, or Soul’s Urge Number and Personality Number.

Your Core Numbers explain your Life Path or mission in life, your personality, your motivations, your gifts and talents, and your challenges and limitations.

Your date of birth represents your Life Path or mission to be fulfilled in your lifetime. It also includes your Birthday Number which is aids you to fulfill your Life Path. 

Your Name Number encompasses the other aspects: the Expression, Soul’s Urge or Passion Number, and Your Personality Number.

The Universal and Personal Years

The forecasting of future events falls under the realm of possibilities and probabilities that can be somewhat altered by your choices. The Universal and Personal Years flow in a nine-year cycle. Both of these time elements offer additional energy or direction that will affect your thoughts, emotions and behaviors. When you know both the Universal Year and your Personal Year Number you will be able to understand what lies ahead for you and navigate through each year effectively if you use that information effectively.

Basic Course

In this 5-module course we will examine the historical and the modern forms of Numerology so you can see how these apply to your life.

It includes, how to calculate and understand the Five Core Numbers in your Numerology Chart. These numbers reveal different aspects of your life. In addition, you will learn how to calculate and understand the Universal Year number and your Personal Year number.

The Master Course

This certified multi-module course includes everything in the Basic Course plus the more difficult calculations and in-depth attributes that completes you. The Life Cycles, the Pinnacle Numbers, the Challenge Numbers, the Achievement Number, the Rational Self, the Subconscious Self, and the Karmic Number and Karmic Lessons.