The Spirit, The Soul and The Self

The Spirit, The Soul and The Self

There are three components that govern your life. They are the Spirit, the Soul, and the Self and The Code gives you the opportunity to master these three areas in your life.

The Self Series

The purpose of The Self Series is to take you from feeling that you aren’t enough in life, (smart enough, attractive enough, educated enough, thin enough, good enough, etc.) to realizing that you are more than enough.

It begins by examining the person you think that you are.  It looks at the negative thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs that you have of yourself by exposing your Shadow Self.  The Shadow Self is the part of you that contains hidden fears and doubts that have held you back or sabotaged opportunities offered to you throughout your lifetime.

Once your shadows become apparent, you can begin to focus on the next portion in this series which is about Self-Acceptance, Self-Confidence and Self Love.

The Soul Series

The Soul Series focuses on your spiritual essence, or the nature of your True Self.

The Spirit Series

The Spirit Series explores the Universal Source, also known as God/Higher Power/The Divine/Spirit or The All that Is.  It incorporates three components: Spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom, Spiritual Practices and Therapeutic Healing Modalities.

The best way is to begin with The Self Series and then move into the Soul Series and finally onto The Spirit Series. 

The Code System awaits you when you are ready to create a Life Changing Experience for Yourself?