Psychic Senses: The Clairs

Discover, Understand and Use Your Psychic Senses

Everyone has the ability to access their psychic senses, whether they know it or not.  They were born with these abilities but overtime, their parents, siblings, schools, churches, friends convinced them that it didn’t exist or if it did, it was “evil”.

It isn’t evil, it is your birthright but since you may have forgotten these abilities, this course will help you to rediscover them for yourself.

The Clairs encompasses nine psychic senses that when mastered, can be of benefit to you. In fact, you will be surprised that you are already using some of these Clairs and didn’t know it.  Trust is a major factor in developing these senses so when you discover that you are already using some of them, don’t negate it, trust it.

In addition, although you will learn about all of the Clairs, you may not master every one of them, but you will master the ones that are meant for you to use in your life.  So…

Do you want to be able to open up your psyche and use your intuitive and psychic abilities?

Do you know how many psychic senses you possess?

These metaphysical or psychic abilities can assist you in your personal life, in your relationships, and in your career.  A comment that often comes up regarding readings and clients is that the client, usually wants to know about “their money or their honey”. 

Wouldn’t it be great to improve these different areas of your life by using your psychic abilities?  You can with this course.