Speaker & Trainer

During her 40-year career as a speaker and trainer, Sue developed and presented countless live classes and seminars on self-development, success and leadership achievement, sales and marketing implementation and spirituality which she has shared with groups ranging from 100 attendees to audiences numbering in the thousands. 

Sue also created manuals, books, workbooks and PowerPoint presentations for each of her training sessions because she believed that these tools coupled with her significant training abilities, were the critical building blocks for success.

Over the past two years, Sue has been working one on one as a psychic consultant and as a personal and business coach, but she decided that she wanted to reach out to larger groups again, as she had in the past, but this time she wanted to use online methods of communication to spread her message.

Therefore, with that as her goal, Sue Corbin combined her skills at writing and her expertise as a trainer to develop online training programs on personal and career success.

Speaker Experience

  • Created and taught personal and spiritual development courses for four decades in the US, Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, Spain, Italy, Thailand, and Egypt.
  • Interviewed on Toronto’s “Morning Show”.
  • Interviewed on iHeart Radio
  • Guest hosted or interviewed on several live or internet radio shows.

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