Speaker & Trainer

During her 40-year career as a speaker and trainer, Sue developed and presented countless live classes and seminars on self-development, success and leadership achievement, sales and marketing implementation and spirituality which she has shared with groups ranging from 100 attendees to audiences numbering in the thousands. 

Sue also created manuals, books, workbooks and PowerPoint presentations for each of her training sessions because she believed that these tools coupled with her significant training abilities, were the critical building blocks for success.

Over the past two years, Sue has been working one on one as a psychic consultant and as a personal and business coach, but she decided that she wanted to reach out to larger groups again, as she had in the past, but this time she wanted to use online methods of communication to spread her message.

Therefore, with that as her goal, Sue Corbin combined her skills at writing and her expertise as a trainer to develop online training programs on personal and career success.

Speaker Experience

  • Created and taught personal and spiritual development courses for four decades in the US, Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, Spain, Italy, Thailand, and Egypt.
  • Interviewed on Toronto’s “Morning Show”.
  • Interviewed on iHeart Radio
  • Guest hosted or interviewed on several live or internet radio shows.

The Spirit, the Soul and the Self

  1. The Self Series: This 6-module series examines how your conscious thoughts and behaviors are affected by your subconscious and unconscious programming.
    It begins by looking at your childhood experiences, lessons and conditioning to see how it has affected you today: your ego, your shadow side, your motivations, your emotional triggers, and the patterns you’ve developed over time.

  2. The Soul Series: This is a 5 module course that focuses
    on your Soul’s purpose and what it means to you as an
    individual. This also includes the development of the self from the negative side to the positive attributes of Self-Confidence Self-Acceptance, Self-Empowerment, Self-Love, and finally Unconditional Love

  3. The Spirit Series: This 5 module course focuses on the spirit side of your existence. It examines your Higher Self, your soul and the Lower or Human Self. It also explores the Multi-Dimensional Beings that play a part in your life: the Chohan or Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters, the Angelic Realm or ArchAngels and Angels and the Creator beings, the Elohim and Elementals.

The Psychic Senses Series: The Clairs I-III

This 3 course series focuses on nine of the psychic senses called The Clairs.  It explains what they are and how to learn and use these psychic gifts.

  1. Clairs I: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairnunciate
    Clear Seeing, Clear Hearing and Clear Communication

  2. Clairs II: Claircognizance, Clairsentience and Clairempathy Clear Knowing, Clear Sensing and Clear Feelings

  3. Clairs III: Clairessence, Clairgustance and Clairtangence  Clear Smelling, Clear Tasting, Clear Touching (Psychometry)

Soulwork: The Journey of Self-Discovery

This course focuses on the journey your soul takes from the spirit world to Earth as it becomes part of your body, mind and spirit existence.

Soulwork includes your mission and helps you to understand the higher purpose you’ve come to serve in life.


Numerology: What You Need to Know About Your Life

Numerology is the modern metaphysical study adapted from the ancient principles found in Sacred Geometry. The study of Sacred Geometry was developed thousands of years ago by philosophers, mathematicians and physicists of the time.

It remained in the hands of these wise sages until the early 1900’s when it was adapted for the lay person.

Numerology gives you a different perspective and a deeper understanding of the purpose for your life. It holds the key to your mission or your life path and it also explains your gifts and talents, your motivations and passions and your strengths and limitations.

Similar to Astrology, it can reveal to you, your spiritual life plan but as compared to Astrology, it is much easier to learn and simpler to understand.

Numerology also includes the ability to look into events in the future through Universal and Personal Year forecasts.

Basic Course: This 3 module course includes, how to calculate and understand the Five Core Numbers in your Numerology Chart. These numbers reveal different aspects of your life. In addition, you will learn how to calculate and understand the Universal Year number and your Personal Year number.

Advanced Course:  This course includes the more difficult calculations and in depth attributes that completes you.  Your Power Number, Your Karmic Number and Lessons, Your Pinnacles, Your Challenges, Your Life Cycles, Your Rational Self, Your Subconscious Self, etc.

Co-Creator Series

Our existence is miniscule when we consider the totality of all of creation.  Therefore, the Co-Creator Series was created to educate individuals to understand that the world we live in expands far beyond our concept of existence.





Co-Creator Series: Awakening and Ascension

The Awakening and Ascension Series will walk you through an awakening process to discover who you truly are. There is a phrase often used by individuals pursuing a spiritual path that  rather sums up this series, “We are Not Human Beings having a Spiritual Experience, We are Spirit Beings having a Human Experience”.

Therefore, the first step of understanding the path of a Spiritual Being is an awakening or an understanding that you are more than an individual living on planet Earth.  

The term Human Being has various definitions but the one that applies in spiritual terms is God Man Being which makes us Co-Creators in our own lives.

This course focuses on the journey that begins with awakening to spirituality and ends with ascension.  Once an individual is awakened or has the thought, feeling or inclination that the world we live in is a small part of the whole concept of creation then they are ready to learn more. 

The next step is a process called self awareness where one recognizes, understands and accepts the principles inherent within the term, “We are Spirit Beings having a Human Experience”.

The final goal is a process called Self Actualization which encompasses the ability to go beyond knowledge and belief and raise one’s vibration to ascend into a higher dimension. 

Co-Creator: The Law of the Self, the Community and the Universal Laws







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