Sue Corbin, a psychic since childhood, uses her gifts and abilities to serve all who seek personal development and spiritual enlightenment.

Numerologist:  Sue shares a numerology life plan with all of her clients.  This includes an individual’s mission in life, gifts and skills, personal strengths and limitations and how to maximize one’s opportunities, how to resolve challenges and examine future opportunities.

Psychic Medium:  Sue can help you to connect and communicate with the spirit world by sharing messages from ancestors, angels, spirit guides or ascended masters.

Psychic Life and Business Coach: Sue’s coaching techniques, along with decades of experience working with individuals, large groups and business leaders have made her a unique and exceptional coach.   Coupled with her intuitive abilities she offers much more than coaching skills.

Author and Writer:  Throughout her lifetime, Sue Corbin has written numerous personal development training programs, workbooks, network marketing training manuals and spiritual training literature.  In addition, she is a non-fiction author whose focus is on spiritual enlightenment.

Professional Speaker and Global Trainer: Sue has been a professional speaker and global trainer for over 45 years in the the areas of personal and leadership development, sales and marketing, health and wellness, business and metaphysics.

The participants in her sessions have numbered from small focus groups to audiences of thousands of attendees.