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Welcome to Envisioned Futures where you will learn how to remove the limitations of the past to create a new paradigm of success in the future.  Our objective is to offer you options through individual consultations, group coaching and online training programs that will help you to flourish as a more empowered, fulfilled, and enlightened being.

Numerology offers you the keys to an ancient science developed thousands of years ago that can teach you so much about yourself that you never knew.

It begins with the 5-Core numbers which are the foundation and building blocks that support you. Hidden within your 5-Core Numbers is the secret of your Life Path, or your mission in life. You will also find the magic of your birthname and how it controls your gifts and talents, your passions and your personality. Finally, your personal energy and the energy of the Universe shifts each year so knowing about both of these energy souces would be of great benefit to you.

Numerology, Your Roadmap to Success is a learning program that takes you on a journey that will illuminate and enlighten you to exactly how great you are. To access more information, click on the boxes below.

The Spirit Series, The Soul Series and The Self Series- There are three distinctly different aspects of yourself that encompasses your Being. The current one that is consciously active for you, is called The Self. It is the you that you believe your are. It includes your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behavior. The second one is the Soul, the spiritual essence of your True Self that resides within you, and the last is your Spirit Self which is your connection to the Source of All Life, also known as God, The Divine, Spirit or The All that Is.

The awakening within this system awaits you when you are ready to create an Eye-Opening Experience for Yourself?

The Gift of Intuition is a birthright that opens you to many opportunities that will arise throughout your lifetime. It surfaces in your childhood but unfortunately overtime, if not used, it diminishes in power.

Life Changing Intuition is an online program designed to help you to rebuild your intuition so you can use this powerful ability to improve your life, enhance your relationships and increase your income.

The Personal Life Strategy Report incorporates several metaphysical modalities such as Astrology, Numerology, Human Design and Tarotlogy to help you discover who you are, why you are here and what you’ve come to fulfill in your life.

This extensive report also includes a live 90-minute session with Sue Corbin that offers you even greater insights into your journey in life.

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