People often go through life without knowing that they have distinctive gifts and abilities they were meant to use to fulfill a life affirming purpose.

Therefore, instead of living a purposeful life, some individuals live a robotic life performing repetitive tasks of limited significance while others live a stressful life chasing a career, that they might not even enjoy. Then there are individuals who are plagued with the feeling that there is something missing in their life, but they have no idea what it could be.

This book was written to help you find your life’s purpose. Life isn’t meant to be squandered, but if a person lacks purpose, they frequently lack the wherewithal to live a meaningful life.

Have you been one of these individuals sensing that you have the skills and abilities for greatness but didn’t know how to use them to make a truly significant mark in life? Possibly, you may have lacked confidence, or you felt that you didn’t have the education or experience required to achieve success in the area that has interested you.

It’s unfortunate that people frequently let fear and doubt hold them back because they may lack the knowledge or the confidence to excel at what they want for themselves.

This book was written to assist you in dispelling your fears and doubts by teaching you the critical steps that will take you from finding your purpose to living it. It’s time to ask yourself these two questions:

Do I want to go through life wondering if what I am doing is my purpose?

Do I feel as if I was meant to do something else but have been afraid to take a chance?

Well, let this be your wakeup call because your purpose is waiting to be discovered so why wait any longer. Now is the time and this is your opportunity to get the book, Purpose-On-Purpose.