Crystals, Gemstones and Color Therapy

Although we are often drawn to crystals and stones because of their beautiful colors and unique shapes, they offer so much more to us.

In fact, their healing properties have been passed down historically over hundreds of years from generation to generation until they are generally recognized as tools to use to help heal our physical, mental, emotional and spirit body.

It may not be a surprise to most of us that crystals and stones have healing properties but once you learn about the myriad of healing benefits, you will be surprised exactly how phenomenal they are. In this course, you will be introduced to a plethora of ways to use crystals and stones, including how to create power grids.

A power grid is an arrangement of crystals and stones in a precise geometric pattern that uses the energy of the universe to achieve a particular purpose such as health and wellness, love, abundance, strength, peace, tranquility, joy and much more.

When you use crystals and stones in a power grid, it will amplify healing above and beyond the benefits of each crystal and stone.  You can create power grids for healing, intuition, abundance or many other intentions that you want for yourself or for others. 

You will learn all about…

  • The benefits of the different crystals and stones
  • The benefits of the different types and shapes of crystals and stones
  • The healing properties of crystals and gemstones.
  • The external and internal uses for crystals and gemstones.
  • How to Cleanse Crystals and Stones.
  • How to Charge Crystals and Stones.
  • How to Manifest Intentions.
  • Chakra Healing with Crystals and Stones
  • Color Therapy Healing with crystals and gemstones
  • Different healing methods and tools of crystals and gemstones
  • The importance of Power Grids
  • How to create Power Grids

In conclusion, you can start using the plethora of information about crystals and stones immediately.  You may already have some in the jewelry you wear, or you may have crystals and stones adorning your home or empowering your sacred space. 

Once you learn how to use them, you will find that you will be wearing them more often or you will carry them in your purse, your pocket or in a pouch.  You will also be tempted to share them with others.    Be sure to take good care of these beautiful spiritual, healing mineral that come out of the ground to bless and heal individuals and environments.