5 Lies We Tell Ourselves That Do More Harm Than Good

Everyone lies to themselves from time to time, this is part of being human. However, there are a number of lies that we tell ourselves which can actually do more harm in your life than good.

  1. “My Past Is An Important Part Of Me”

While this lie started as a way to help you to accept your past, by still saying it, you’re actually doing more harm in your life than good. This is because this lie allows your past to become a part of your current life, where it shouldn’t be allowed. The past is the past, and each day when you wake up, you have the potential to be a whole new person. So stop making excuses for yourself because of your past and resolve to let this lie stay behind as you move forward.

  1. “If I Have ________, I Will Be Happy”

This is a common one. How many times have you told yourself the lie that if you just have that one physical possession, or that one job, that you will then truly be happy? News flash, this isn’t how happiness works. No matter what you are filling in the blank with, this is a lie, because true happiness comes from within. Stop trying to associate physical things with happiness in your life and only then might you actually achieve it.

  1. “Success Is the Opposite Of Failure”

Okay, this one is a tough one, because you should always be striving for success. But it’s still a lie, because success and failure often go hand in hand, they aren’t opposites of each other. While you are on the journey to success, you will probably experience many failures, but as long as you learn from these failures, and effectively conquer them, you are still successful, even though you failed along the way. Success and failure are two parts of a whole, so stop telling yourself that because you failed once that you will never have success.

  1. “I’ll Do It Later”

It doesn’t matter how much time “later” is. This lie is disguised procrastination. And it is probably uttered in most people’s lives quite frequently. How many times have you said this in your own life? And how many of those times did you have time for the task later? Exactly. Whatever is going on in your life, this is a harmful lie, you need to start never putting off anything that you can do now, because otherwise it may never get done.

  1. “It’s Better To Give Than To Receive”

This lie is another one which probably pops up quite frequently in your mind. And while it is good to give, it is also good to receive. But you don’t have to make this about physical things. The problem with this lie is that it is almost always associated with physical gifts, but people forget that it is also possible to give yourself to a project or your time to a person. And sometimes in life, you need to received time or help from others, and this lie tells you that it isn’t okay or that you should feel bad about it. Therefore it’s time to let this lie rest, and know that it is great to both give your time, and receive help from others.

Sometimes we lie to ourselves to make ourselves feel better about something. But this isn’t the way to go about something. Rather, you should stop telling yourself these lies, and be honest with yourself instead. Because as you can see, although lying to yourself might temporarily fix the problem, it often does more harm than good.

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