Every Day I Live In Accordance with My Intuition

My inner guidance system, my intuition, tells me what is right or wrong. It gives me direction and keeps me aligned and centered.

When I align with my intuition, I have confidence and trust.

    • I notice how much better I perform when I am relaxed and focused.
    • My inner compass has always guided me. It always steers me right.
    • So, I trust it.

I follow my gut instincts, my intuition.

    • My intuition tells me when I am safe. It guides me through life.
    • I act on my intuition. I do things with great enthusiasm because I know deep inside that they will serve me well.
    • Life is full of choices. I choose wisely and think before acting.
    • I honor my intuition, follow my spirit, keep my eyes open, and my ears perked. I notice everything.

Today, I notice what works for me and learn from experience.

    • I become wise. The world becomes a better place when I live according to my intuition.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How would I describe my relationship with my inner guide, my intuition?
  2. When do I feel most connected to my intuition?

What is my inner compass telling me right now?

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