I Trust My Intuition to Guide Me

I always have the ultimate source of guidance and inspiration available to me: my intuition.

My intuition is my sub-conscious mind trying to communicate with me. I may experience this as a “little voice,” emotions, or feelings in my body. It is my job to listen carefully so I can make smart choices.

My intuition is very wise. It has the same experiences that I do. It knows me completely. It is always trying to help and protect me. I am fortunate to have such a knowledgeable and loving advisor.

When I fail to listen to my intuition, I am likely to face bigger challenges than the ones that first appear.

However, I avoid following my intuition blindly. Sometimes it can be overprotective and limit me.

The voice of my intuition is easily muffled by anything that distracts my attention, so I spend a few quiet moments alone each day to foster better communication. My connection with my intuition is improving each day.

Today, I am open to receiving all messages from my intuition. My intuition provides great advice most of the time, so I trust it to guide me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. When should I have listened to my intuition but did not?
  2. What would happen if I let my intuition make all of my decisions?
  3. Why do I resist my intuition?

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