5 Stress Killers You Can Do at Home

It is no secret that stress has made its way into today’s society in a big way. Our world today includes a wide variety of factors that contribute to a large percentage of the population reporting chronic stress. Fortunately, there is hope in regaining the peace and positive outlook on life that stress tends to deprive us of.

While there are a number of stress-relief techniques that involve getting outdoors, spending time with friends and hitting the gym, sometimes getting out of the house and stepping into the craziness that is the outside world can induce stress by itself! Why not curb some of your stress in the comfort of your own home?

In this article, we will discuss how to do just that. Here are five ways to gain the upper hand against stress that can be implemented at home.

Mindfulness Techniques

There are plenty of easy to follow mindfulness techniques that are widely available. These methods vary slightly but tend to follow the same general guidelines. Simply put, making time to sit alone in a quiet, peaceful space while focusing on nothing but your breathing pattern and bodily awareness is a fantastic way to alleviate stress.

Coincidentally, your home is often the best place to perform mindfulness training. There are very few other places where you can be completely alone and undisturbed by noises and other people. A quick search for mindfulness techniques will provide you with a plethora of options that can all be implemented quite easily in your daily routine.

Physical Exercise

You have probably heard time and time again how exercise and working out is a great way to decrease the stress of everyday life. While this is true, often times the crowded environment at your local gym makes it harder to utilize the stress-killing aspect of physical exercise.

The truth is exercise can be done anywhere. Many people actually prefer working out at home for the same reasons doing anything at home is beneficial. In your private space you can enjoy a workout that does not involve waiting for equipment to open up, the unnecessary grunting of the person beside you or feeling judged by those around you. Furthermore, working out at home can involve as much or as little equipment as you choose. If you want a peaceful setting to improve your physical health while simultaneously bettering your mental state, give working out at home a try.

Unclutter Your Space

Stress is often the result of our minds becoming cluttered with a seemingly endless number of reminders, responsibilities and to-do’s. Clutter in any form goes hand in hand with stress. If your external environment is also filled with clutter, good luck sorting out any mental junk! Your home should be the most peaceful location you spend time at each day. In order to truly unwind when you get there, keep your living area neat and organized. This doesn’t have to involve an all-out spring-cleaning every single day. Little things such as making your bed and not letting your sink stay filled with dirty dishes can go a long way.

Enjoy A Pleasant Scent

The role that smells play in our mental outlook is important. Although different scents entice different feelings from person to person, we can all think of at least one aroma right now that causes us to feel calmer and at peace. In order to continue your battle against stress, why not let this scent permeate through your home? Playing off of the last tip about keeping your living space neat, imagine coming home each day to a well-organized home, in which the entire space is filled with a wonderful aroma. Don’t underestimate the power of a candle or scent diffuser to decrease stress.

Utilizing Music

As much as certain aromas can neutralize stress, music has the power to help your cause as well. In fact, music has the ability to promote just about any emotion possible for human beings. Much like certain smells, different types of music can promote peace and calm for different individuals. If you have a particular genre of music that helps you relax and unwind, try enjoying it on a regular basis at home.

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